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When it comes to protecting your vehicle in the event of theft or simply for record keeping purposes, a GPS logger for car placement is the best choice. Small and discreet while still being highly effective, GPS loggers are a perfect way to track the movements of a vehicle without investing much money. Loggers record all the routes and destinations a car travels, both a written log as well as a mapped report, which can be usual if your vehicle is stolen and used in a crime, as well as being helpful for other tracking purposes. If you want to track company drive time of your employees to make sure they are staying on track, a logger is a great way to keep records without much trouble. They are easy to install to any vehicle without issues. They are also incredibly easy to use with the ability to retrieve information when the logger is physically removed from the car or truck and then downloaded to a PC computer. Many comparative logging devices require external software to monitor the whereabouts of the vehicle which can get complicated. With our selection of loggers, all you need is the logger and your laptop. Easy to set up and use, these loggers make it easier than ever to track matters such as location, route, and mileage of any vehicle. With no monthly fees associated with the usage, a GPS data logger is an economical way to track cars and trucks on a limited budget. Each logger will differ in battery life, reports, and size of the unit to help you find the right choice for your needs.

We offer a selection of loggers to fit your needs and budget. Made to be long-lasting, the housings are all durable in construction with weatherproof elements. They are also small and discreet to make them easy to add seamlessly to any vehicle. The functional capabilities may vary with each model, but you will find averages of around 50 hours of continuous recording data on a single charge, as well as features such as built-in rechargeable batteries and total waterproof exteriors to ensure data is never lost due to inclement weather. When you need a small solution with high performing features at an affordable price, we have you covered with these smart solutions.

If you have any questions about any of these high-quality products, please contact us for further assistance. We offer lifetime technical support on all of the products we sell for added peace of mind with every purchase.

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    iTrail GPS Logger (H6000) iTrail GPS Logger (H6000)

    iTrail GPS Logger (H6000)

    The iTrail logger is a simple solution for multi-purpose GPS logging. Keep track of your car’s location or the location of other valuable possessions! iTrail tracks anything, anywhere with location by location GPS Tracking iTrail GPS Data...

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