HAUSBELL Listening Device, Scientific Explorer Bionic Ear Electronic Listening Device Digital Device Nature Observing and Listening Device (Headphone Included)

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Product Overview

Ideal for Kids! It stimulates children's imagination and curiosity, help children explore nature, experience the colorful world, and improve their audiovisual perception. The listening device collects and amplifies the sound around you, it’s inevitable that it also amplifies the noise around you. The listening device is a wonderful learning toy for children.

Please use the device in a slightly quiet place and without a lot of appliances around. Have fun!

Special Design & Function. The design is appealing, 8x monocular allows you to view the objects 8 times closer and clear. Ergonomically designed handle, simple to operate with one hand by pulling the on/off switch trigger. You can adjust the volume from low to high for better hearing.

It can only record for about 12 seconds and you press the playback button to hear the sound with the FREE headphone

9V Battery. For the safety of transportation, the listening device does not include any battery.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review