Hidden Cameras (Hardwired)

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When you want to record and monitor a location, whether a business or at home, a wired spy camera is the logical solution for this purpose. Hardwired hidden cameras are disguised as a variety of everyday objects and can connect to any standard DVR equipment by itself or as part of a larger system. These covert cameras are simply the camera hidden into a device which is great for when you need to monitor a situation without being obvious. You will need to hardwire both power and video cable to these cameras, but this is an easy solution. You also have the option of installing a wireless transmitter to these cameras if you prefer this route instead. However, with this method. you will need power for both the transmitter and the camera.

Regardless of which method you choose to operate these units, a wired hidden camera is an affordable solution for when you need to monitor in unique locations or on a budget. Body-worn hardwired hidden cameras are typically built into smaller body worn objects such as glasses, hats, ties, and buttons for shirts or jackets to name a few. Portable hardwired hidden cameras are wired to an external DVR where the recording is stored. These covert body-worn, portable cameras are a perfect solution for “on the go” covert video recording. Whether looking for a hat, tie, or even a tie clip with a recording device, our selection of hardwired hidden cameras is the best option for covert recording at an affordable price. Best of all, these units are designed to be compact and easy to use. Designed to operate with low power consumption, many units can be battery operated for easier use. Since most units do not offer infrared or night vision, they are best suited to regular to low light instead of night recording. With easy storage on SD cards with most models, the recording can be easily accessed without the need for an external unit making this option even more accessible, especially if you are more on the inexperienced side with a wired hidden camera. In addition to the options you take on the go, we also offer the option of a wired spy camera in the form of motion sensor wall mounts with pinhole lenses. This is a great way to monitor a home or business as an extra measure of security. Add this lineup of security to your plan and get the peace of mind you deserve today!

At U-SPY Store, we are committed to supplying you with the best products and a wealth of information to help you make the right choice for your needs. All of our hardwired hidden spy cameras come with a warranty and lifelong technical support from our team. Please contact us with any questions, and a member of our staff would be happy to help.