Nanny Cameras

Your child’s safety is of utmost importance. You’ve brought this new life into the world, and it is your job as a parent to make sure that your child is safe and sound, and protected at all times, even times when you are not there in person. This is where nanny cams come in handy. No matter how much of a super parent you are, everyone needs a break sometimes, and when that time comes, you have to call in the babysitter. Of course, you’ve vetted your sitter, and did your best to ensure that your child is in safe hands, but it never hurts to also have nanny cameras installed for observation.

We offer a wide selection of nanny cameras for you to discreetly observe your babysitter and ensure that your child is in safe hands at all times. We offer hidden cameras in wall chargers, outlets, plants, air fresheners, birdhouses, and more. Our large variety gives you the opportunity to put one in your baby’s nursery or to put them all throughout the house, wherever your child may be with the sitter. Our nanny cams look just like real products, with the added benefit of having hidden cameras within them. Hidden nanny cameras can be set for motion activation or continuous recording modes. The footage will be recorded on a memory card anywhere from 4GB up to 64GB. Recording storage will range approximately 30 to 45 minutes per gigabyte. To playback your files, simply take out the memory card and playback the files on your computer. Some nanny cams may come with the ability to connect your camera recordings directly to your TV for playback if you do not have a computer. These cams are either battery powered, lasting from a few days up to a few months depending on usage or come with a power supply for continuous power.

Here at U-SPY Store, we have a great variety of hidden cameras for sale. We have both indoor and outdoor varieties, although indoor cameras are more common and popular. If you have any questions, please reach out to our customer service representatives, and they will be happy to help. All of our nanny cams are backed by our 90-day warranty and lifelong technical support.