Hidden Safes

When looking for ways to keep valuables protected from thieves in the event of a break in, a hidden home safe is the best bet. This type of item is the perfect solution for hiding small valuables, such as cash, credit cards, or small jewelry since it is disguised as an everyday item to avoid tipping off the thief of where to look. For example, soda can safes are a popular choice for this aspect of home security. With these hidden can safes, hide your money or jewelry in plain sight. U-SPY Store has a wide variety of diversion safes for sale in a variety of styles to match the decor of the room seamlessly. They are your everyday household objects that have been hollowed out, so you can hide your valuables from intruders. The stash safes either unscrew from the top or the bottom to reveal the hollow inside. Most of the cans are weighted to feel like they are real, so they won’t blow their cover by accident. Shop online today for your own hidden safe from these reliable products for your needs.

We offer several styles available for hidden safes. While the soda can safes are available in several flavors or brands, you will also find other options to help you hide belongings with effectiveness and ease. For example, choose from cleaning product secret safes which are great for hiding valuables in almost any type of setting. When looking for something for the kitchen area, a salt safe is a smart move that will certainly fool criminals. For hiding smaller items such as memory cards, our selection of coin safes is ideal and inconspicuous. Whether looking for a rock to hide an extra key in the front yard, a wall clock to allow for hiding valuables without being noticed, or an electrical outlet you can pull open to reveal hidden treasures, we have a solution to blend in perfectly with your location and needs.

Here at U-SPY Store, we are your source for a wide range of surveillance and security products covering every imaginable situation. If you have any questions regarding any of the products we offer, or which one might be best suited to your needs, we would be happy to assist you further in any way.