Lock Picking

It seems that for every situation or scenario, there is a corresponding tool you need. With our selection of lockpicking tools, find the solution you’ve been searching for with a range of product options. Lock picks are tools that are designed to help open up locked doors when you do not have a key. While this type of tool might come in handy for the civilian that locked their keys in the car, it is important to note that these lock pick tools are not intended for purchase by civilians. These high-quality professional lock picks, sets, and tools are mandatory tools for locksmiths, police, security and investigators. Please be aware of state and federal laws limiting or prohibiting the use and or possession of lock picks.

Different Types of Lock Picks

Our inventory features high-quality professional grade lock picks that come from Southern Ordnance (SouthOrd). They are one of the best, if not the best, quality of picks you can purchase. There are many varieties of lock picks to choose from in our inventory of this important item. Single lock picks can be purchased if you know what type of pick you will be needing. Single picks range from diamond picks to rakes. Diamond picks are used for both wafer and pin and tumbler locks. The most common lock this pick is used for is padlocks. Single ball picks are another type of pick that is used for wafer or warded locks. Double ball picks are used for bi-direction wafer locks. Hook picks are used for pin and tumbler locks. Key extractors are used to get broken keys out of locks and rakes are used to manipulate back and forth the pins in a lock to create a gap at the sheer line of the lock. You can also purchase lock picks called padlock shims and tubular lock picks. Padlock shims are used for padlocks with spring operated latches. Generally, they are more effective on cheaper types of padlocks. Tubular picks are used for most vending machines and coin-operated washing machines. Whether looking for a particular type of a single, or you are in search of a professional lock pick set containing multiple types all in one product, we have you covered with affordable solutions for this particular need.

High-Quality Lock Picks, Sets, and Tools

All of our lock picks are made of the finest quality allows and are virtually indestructible when used correctly. With a focus on durable materials, ease of use, and reliable results with the right training, finding a long-lasting solution for this crucial skill has never been easier. If you are unsure of what type of lock pick you may need, please consult a member of our staff for further assistance.

*U-SPY Store does not teach lock picking nor is it responsible if you purchase a pick or set that is not compatible with the lock you are trying to open, or any violations of federal, state, or local regulations regarding the ownership of such an item.