Automotive Lock Picks

All over the country, people are locking their keys in their cars. Even with modern technology and most cars having a clicker, it’s still something that happens on a daily occurrence. When this happens, an automotive locksmith has to be called in to help get them on their way, and back into the swing of their routine. In order to do this job effectively, they need a good set of automotive lock picks. These will help to get the door open, without causing any permanent damage.

Our auto lock pick sets come with a variety of pieces, ensuring that foreign and domestic cars and trucks can be opened with just a little bit of work. In addition, we also have a tension tool and wrench to help a locksmith get into a vehicle. All of our car lock picks are from the best brands in the industry, ensuring that each product will do exactly what it was designed to, with minimal damage to the vehicle and to your wallet. For safety, each of our car lock picks is available in increments of one for purchase. While these are mandatory tools for locksmiths, and investigators, please be aware of state and federal laws limiting or prohibiting the use and or possession of lock picks. All of our products are virtually indestructible when used correctly.

If you are unsure what type of automotive lock pick you may need, please consult a member of our staff for further assistance. Here at U-SPY Store, we are determined to provide only the highest-quality products that will meet your needs.

*U-SPY Store does not teach lock picking nor is it responsible if you purchase a pick or a set that is not compatible with the lock you are trying to open, or any violations of federal, state, or local regulations regarding the ownership of such an item.