Dummy Cameras

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    4-Pack Imitation Camera Kit

    4-Pack Imitation Camera Kit

    This is a low cost solution for home deterrent. Help deter thieves and prevent vandalism with this imitation camera kit! The kit includes 2x dome dummy cameras, 2x bullet dummy cameras, and 4x surveillance warning stickers. The cameras have a battery...

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    Indoor Dummy Dome with LED Light

    This dummy dome camera is a great deterrent for your home or business! It will help protect against theft and vandalism!This dummy dome camera has a blinking light that makes it look like a real camera. It serves to deter intruders or vandals. These...

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    Outdoor Dummy Bullet Camera

    The Imitation Outdoor Bullet Camera looks like the real thing. It is a great low cost solution for deterring theft or vandalism! The Imitation Outdoor Bullet Camera looks like the real thing. The design is based on an actual outdoor bullet camera. It’s a...

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Security is important for any home or business. To ward off potential criminals, even the sight of camera can be enough to make them think twice. When you want the effect of surveillance system but on a budget, fake cameras give the same effect with a lower cost.

Why use dummy cameras?

Our large number of indoor and outdoor dummy cameras also known as non-working, fake, or imitation cameras are an excellent deterrent against crimes such as break-ins, property thefts, and other unfavorable acts. These cameras look very real and act as a crime scarecrow to chase away criminals. Install these wherever you suspect crime or misdeeds may occur. Dummy security cameras come in handy whether a site has cameras already installed or not.

Where should I install my imitation camera?

A good way to incorporate a fake surveillance camera is if you are planning on buying or already have a real surveillance system, you can add a few dummy security cameras to make it look like you have a full-fledged surveillance system. A fake security camera should be installed in an area that the dummy camera would be noticeable upon passing to really act as a deterrent to criminals.

Batteries in my fake camera?

Although many dummy CCTV cameras come with flashing lights and a battery to power them, we don't recommend them. Any real cameras do NOT have a flashing light. So, don't announce to the bad guy that you have a fake camera by installing the battery to make the light flash. Save your time and money and simply rely on the realistic camera to work its magic.

Are fake CCTV cameras a good investment?

Fake outdoor security cameras are a great, inexpensive way to keep your business, home, people, and assets safe from theft, violence or vandalism. They are also more affordable than real units and require no upkeep once you have them instead. They can be used in conjunction with their units recording real footage or as a quick fix stand-alone solution to deter criminals at a low cost.

What types do we offer?

At U-SPY Store, we offer a variety of options for adding dummy cameras to your location. Since you want an option that looks real, all of the fake cameras we feature are made with care to ensure an accurate representation that is sure to make an impression on thieves. We also offer these units in several styles and shapes, so you can add them in with your real camera systems throughout the location without being a giveaway as a dummy unit. Choose from such commonly used options as domes and bullets styles for both indoor and outdoor uses, as well as combo packs offering both designs in one for added versatility.

If you have any further questions about these units or any of the products we proudly offer, please feel free to contact us. A member of our team would be happy to assist you further.