CVI Dome Cameras

When choosing the solutions best suited for your security and surveillance needs, there are a few mainstays on the market heralded for their performance. With HD CVI dome cameras, add a staple to your location that offers high levels of performance, ease of use, and an attractive appearance with a modern feel. An HD-CVI (High Definition Composite Video Interface) camera is an over-coaxial-cable analog HD video transmission standard providing video quality from 720p to 1080p resolution. The dome shape allows for an improved scope of visual compared to limited view options such as box cameras. This type of camera solution is typically seen in commercial settings where a recording device is required but the matter of appearance and visibility are both a factor. For instance, they are commonly utilized in areas such as museums, libraries, restaurants, and other retail or public spaces. Since they are incredibly durable in construction and highly functional with minimal requirements, they are often used outdoors as perimeter surveillance for a total scope of security, as well as for the main camera at entrances for close monitoring of this important area. With our selection of CVI dome cameras, you can easily add these solutions to your operation for maximum security with minimal effort.

We offer several types of CVI dome cameras manufactured with the highest standards in the industry to ensure a long-lasting component of your security system. Made with weather resistant and vandal proof housings for added peace of mind, these HD CVI dome cameras feature lenses which can be adjusted to pinpoint the exact area you want to survey or monitor. They even have infrared LED bulbs to ensure night time recording picks up images that are still a high-quality resolution. With high-speed real-time transmissions, these cameras can be hooked up to monitors to display the feed making them ideal for a location in need of such a setup. While they have the aspect of real-time for this exact purpose, they are also ideal as recording devices where footage is only reviewed on a case by case basis. With so many great aspects to this type of solution, these are a no-brainer for any location looking for a reliable and effective recording device at an affordable price.

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