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    4 CH High Definition Hikvision OEM HD-TVI DVR

    4 CH High Definition Hikvision OEM HD-TVI DVR

    Upgrade your CCTV security cameras using your original RG59 or RG6 Coaxial Cable wires. This HD DVR is the latest breakthrough in CCTV equipment allowing any combination of original standard resolution analog cameras plus your new HD-TVI cameras. This...

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When looking at security systems, you want the very best in terms of performance and resolution of output. A system that records blurry images isn’t a very helpful system at all for any home or business. With our selection of HD hidden camera DVR recorders, get a powerful solution to aid in the effectiveness of your system for peace of mind you can trust.

With a recording device expected to record hour after hour of continuous feed, the quality of the pictures matters as much as the storage capabilities. With our HD security DVR recorders, both the aspect of storage space and image resolution are taken care of, as well as offering an improved versatility in the types of cameras you can incorporate into the overall security system using these devices. HD-TVI and CVI cameras are an emerging solution that combines high resolution with ease of installation. These analog cameras are available in 720p and 1080p resolution for high-quality images, but still use standard BNC connections and are therefore compatible with most pre-existing cable setups. Best of all, the price is often much lower than IP cameras of comparable resolution! Since this system allows you to essentially mix and match camera types, you get a well-rounded system capable of meeting a diverse range of needs for your location. Another great feature of these products is that they are compatible with various operating solutions including Windows, Mac, Android, and iPhone systems. The number of channels also plays a role in finding the right option for your needs. With a selection of HD security DVR recorders offering 4, 8, and an impressive 16 channels option, you are sure to find the operating capacity best suited to your location and desired results. We are so confident in the performance these exceptional hard drive solutions, we offer a 3-year warranty on our HD hidden camera DVR recorders for an added value to customers.

If you have any questions regarding these devices, a member of our team would be happy to assist you further while shopping with us. Call our experienced installers today at (773) 529-2779 for more information and assistance on finding the camera system that's right for your situation.