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When it comes to surveillance, there are certain tools of the trade that make the task a lot easier. For those operations where you need to pick up a conversation without being present in the room, audio enhancement equipment is a mainstay for professionals. Our professional audio enhancement devices amplify audio through walls, doors, floors or anywhere it is needed. We offer parabolic microphones, wireless transmitters, voice amplifiers, hearing enhancers and more. Please be aware of all state and federal laws when using these devices to hear conversations. These devices are intended for professional purposes.

Our selection of spy microphone systems offers the latest in technology with ease of use for a winning combination every professional will appreciate. The most important aspect of this type of device is the clarity of the sound being transmitted because a message you can’t hear or understand isn’t much help to your cause. These microphones are designed to offer an omnidirectional polar pattern which provides a generous pick up of sounds with an even signal response at the direct and off-axis sections of the capsule. The sound amplifying capacities of our units range from options which amplify sounds by 40 to 100 dB, depending on the option chosen. The sound quality is clear and easy to decipher which is key in this type of operation. Units are not intended for recording and are strictly for amplifying short to mid-distance sounds.

Speaking of distance, this is the other key factor when choosing this type of audio enhancement equipment. If you are too far out of range, the sounds will not be picked up with enough clarity or even at all. With this in mind, we offer units that offer impressive range for an improved operational capability. With units capable of picking up sounds with a distance of 900 feet away, rest assured you can hear the action without being in the vicinity. This is especially useful for undercover or sting operations where you need to remain undetected while still monitoring the situation safely.

Another matter of importance with such products is the matter of power. With our battery-operated units, get portable performance you can literally take anywhere. The units are designed to offer lasting performance on battery configurations which can last for up to 40 hours of continuous use. This feature makes this type of device ideal for long-term operations without the worry of missing anything important because of power loss.

Every option we offer is made with the highest standards of quality for your professional needs. If you have any questions regarding any of these high-quality solutions, please contact a member of our staff for assistance.

Please confirm the legality of the use of audio products in your state and jurisdiction. Some uses of audio recording may be illegal. Check with an attorney in your state before using audio recording devices.

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