Wireless Alarms

Security is a necessity in life. While most people would agree that having certain devices on hand can help give peace of mind and reliable results, a lot of people feel intimidated by the idea of installing such devices. With our selection of wireless alarm systems, avoid the hassle of trying to install something that seems out of your league or beyond your comfort zone. These units are designed to work without the need for you to hardwire the power sources, hard drives, or any external components as part of the operation. With these wireless alarms, you get a range of options to fit your needs without any hard installation process.

We offer a range of solutions with various capabilities. These wireless alarm systems are typically mounted on a wall or ceiling and offer loud alerts when motion is detected. Perfect for a budget-friendly security solution that you can literally place in any room of your home or business, these wireless alarms can be placed in garages, lobbies, near doors and windows, as well as any place where you need to be alerted to movement or intrusions. Since there is no installation, aside from the simple screw-in-place design of the unit, you get a product that gives great results with hardly any effort on your part. Many of these units use infrared technology as well to ensure a solution that protects your home or business 24 hours a day for added confidence. Most units also come equipped with a panic button feature so if a situation arises where the alert system isn’t in the same vicinity of the intruder, you can easily hit a button which will activate the loud alarm sound to deter the intruder and hopefully scare them away.

We offer options with a remote control, as well as wall-mounted keypad entry styles, to fit your preferences and needs. Our inventory even features items such as driveway alerts to notify you when someone is on your property and lost key finding solutions to cover all the possible alerts you need! All of the options we offer are made with thoughtful features such as wide ranges of motion detection scopes up to 8 feet, wireless transmissions up to 300 feet, and the ability to program emergency contacts, as well as rechargeable batteries and long-life spans of operation. If you have any questions about finding the right solution to entrust your property and loved ones to, please contact us. We would be happy to help you find the right choice!

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