Cell Phone & PC Monitoring

In today’s world, our technology devices are ingrained in our way of life. With this constant connection to smartphones and computers, the threat of malicious behavior hiding in your system is a growing concern for most people. With our selection of computer and cell phone monitoring products, ensure your devices aren’t harboring any dark secrets. Cell phone and PC monitoring products are a great way to keep an eye on what is happening on your computer or smartphone. Make sure no one is doing anything malicious while using your devices. Most of these products will make a backup of the activity being done on your computer or smartphone so you can keep a close eye on it! Whether for use with employees to ensure they aren’t violating company policies or as a way to monitor the online activity of your children to keep them safe, the use of computer monitoring devices helps you stay in control at all times. When you add in the cell phone options, you create a much safer world and can avoid trouble later on.

We offer the latest technology for cell phone monitoring to help you track the activities of this device for security purposes. Phone recovery sticks are used to retrieve call logs, text messages, emails, and other application data on Apple or Android phones. You must have the phone in hand and it cannot be passcode locked. These devices will recover any deleted data that has not been overwritten by new data. You simply connect the device and the phone to your PC and let the software extract the data. There is not a specific time frame this will take, but it can take upwards of a few hours to finish. The phone recovering sticks do not monitor a cell phone. These sticks are only for recovering deleted data from the device. However, this is still a form of monitoring the activities of the device which is great for parents looking to keep children away from trouble.

PC Monitoring software logs computer activity done online and offline. You can monitor a Windows or Mac desktop or laptop without physically being at the computer. With this option, simply download the program onto the computer in question, and depending on which program is installed, you either will get the logs emailed directly to you or you will go back to the computer to review the data. These computers monitoring devices are discrete and effective for detection of a range of malicious behavior. We offer several options covering a range of areas such as chat stick recovery, porn activity recovery, and more to help you recover a host of questionable and dangerous information. Best of all, our products are backed by a 90-day warranty and technical support. If you have any questions regarding how to implement these products, we are ready to assist you so you can get the information you need without hassle.

This type of hardware is a great way to keep your business, employees, or children safe in the increasingly online world we live in. Don’t wait until its too late! Add this line of defense to your plan today!

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