Personal Defense

Keep yourself and your belongings safe in any situation with our full range of personal defense products including pepper spray, safes, and more. Quality safety products for your home, business, car, and other property can give you the added edge you need to feel confident in any situation. When it comes to personal protection, the key is to feel prepared. With the right tools and resources at the ready, you will be ready to defend yourself. There are several options available to help you find the tool you will feel most comfortable with for safeguarding your life, properties, or belongings. We offer a wide selection of product types to ensure you find the right choice.


When dealing with an attack, the element of surprise is always an important upper hand. One of the best ways to get this upper hand over your attacker is with personal defense alarms. Made to be small and discreet enough to carry in your hand while walking to your car at night, they are designed to allow for a loud, startling noise to disorient your attacker and alert others to your need for help. We offer these tools in varying sizes and options including alarms with mace spray, electronic whistles, keychain alarms with flashlights, and more.

Pepper Spray

Aside from noisy alarms, pepper spray is another great line of defense. Allowing you to momentarily stun your attacker which gives you a chance to flee to safety, pepper spray is small, lightweight, and easy to operate. We offer a variety of strengths or formula potencies to ensure you get one that is sure to stop them in their tracks. Whether looking for a discreet spray disguised as a lipstick, a keychain spray, or a spray with a hand strap, these tools for self-protection are easy and affordable to allow you peace of mind. We even have canine and bear repellent sprays for added protection!

Personal Safety Accessories

While alarms and pepper spray are the most obvious choices for self-defense products, there are several options available for your needs. Whether looking for a letter opener or pen disguising a self-defense knife, a survival tool the size of a credit card, or a dog repellent, this collection has everything you need to stay safe from a variety of attack scenarios. The items are small and discreet to allow you to be ready and still maintain the element of surprise against the assailant.

Metal Detectors

When looking for an option for protection when dealing with crowds, you can keep the public safe with our selection of metal detectors. These handheld units available in various wand sizes allow you to quickly and efficiently scan for any metal weapons upon entrance to an organized event. These are great for businesses looking to beef up security for the safety of all their patrons.

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