Bug, Tap, and RF Detectors

Tap, RF, and bug detectors are tools to help you look for unwanted devices such as hidden spy cameras for home, wireless microphones, and GPS tracking devices for cars, just to name a few. These devices help locate a wireless signal and emit a loud beeping noise with most models also equipped with a light bar that will light up the closer you get to the wireless signal.

What are Tap, RF and Bug Detectors used for?

RF detectors are one of the most commonly used listening device detectors for electronic counter surveillance measures as they easily detect anything that is broadcasting an RF or radio signal. RF detectors detect radio frequency signals that come from wireless transmitting devices such as wireless cameras, GPS live trackers, and wireless microphones also called bugs. Everyday household devices also may be emitting RF signals such as wireless routers, Bluetooth headsets, WIFI devices, and cell phones. You may also find CB radios, walkie-talkies, and other common transmitting devices use RF signals to work. Be aware of this when using countermeasure tools during a sweep to avoid false positives.

Our listening device detectors or tap detectors are devices that are hooked up to a landline to notify you if there are unwanted listeners listening in on your conversations. These bug detectors are boxes that are attached to the line and will light up if a tap is detected, notifying you there is someone tapping in on your phone line.

Tap, RF, and bug detectors can provide you peace of mind as a new homeowner, a new tenant in an apartment, if you suspect the lack of privacy in your hotel room, or if you are concerned that your office may have a surveillance device planted in it. These inexpensive do-it-yourself countermeasure tools work well and can locate bugs, taps, and hidden cameras before you fall victim to electronic bugging.

All of the high-quality bug, tap, and RF detectors we proudly offer are backed by a warranty and technical support for added peace of mind. U-SPY Store offers the latest and greatest counter-surveillance technology for sale. With a range of sizes and capabilities at your disposal, you are sure to find the right solution. Many of these detectors are designed to be portable, compact, and easy to hide. From small wands perfect for every day travels to a cellular signal detector resembling a phone to avoid drawing attention in public, we have several options which are discreet for you to safeguard your privacy with ease. We also offer larger, multichannel units designed with maximum capacity needs perfect for a home or office setting.

Best of all, when you purchase counter surveillance equipment from U-SPY Store, it is backed by our 90-day warranty and lifelong technical support. Please contact us with any questions you may have about these great surveillance and security products. If you see something you would like to purchase, you can shop online or buy from us directly at either of our two retail locations!

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