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There are many ways to monitor conversations. One of the most obvious ways is with phone recording devices which are ideal for both personal and professional purposes. Easy to install and use, phone recorders capture necessary audio evidence whether it's for personal or law enforcement purposes in a discreet manner unbeknownst to the person being monitored. Best of all, the overall versatility of digital phone recorders makes it easy to record any phone call whether it's a landline or mobile phone.

We offer several options for adding this piece of equipment to your surveillance setup. These units are all made with high-quality performance elements at their core, as well as ease of use for the operator. Made to be discreet for added confidence, these phone recording devices will work with any type of phone including landline, cellular, and even microphone stand-alone capabilities. Designed in sleek, handheld sizes, these options are easy to handle and use without getting in the way of the task at hand. Since the quality of the sound is crucial in any recording, many of the products we offer carry features such as noise filtering in both low band and voice band, linear PCM voice recording for original sound quality, and other features for capturing clear audio with every use. Units also have other features such as date and time stamping functions to help you keep track of the timeline of events, password security for added peace of mind, several modes of playback available, USB interfaces, and more.

With these devices, one of the most important elements, aside from the quality of sound recorded, is the matter of storage. With most options offering anywhere from 4GB to 8 GB, you can record a lot of conversations before needing to dump your drive. Another aspect that makes these units is great is the lasting operational power. Many units feature rechargeable batteries for added longevity. With batteries lasting anywhere from 6 hours to 20 hours, depending on the option you choose, there is no need to worry about your device dying at a critical moment. From the lasting performance to the ease of use, there are several reasons to consider adding these products to your surveillance collection.

At U-SPY Store, we understand the importance of high-quality solutions for the purposes of security. With a wide selection of affordable and reliable solutions to meet every situation, we are confident you will find the right addition to your collection. If you have any questions, please contact a member of our staff for help.

Please confirm the legality of the use of audio products in your state and jurisdiction. Some uses of audio recording may be illegal. Check with an attorney in your state before using audio recording devices.

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