GPS Live Trackers

When it comes to vehicle surveillance, there are a few ways to monitor this type of area. While dash cameras are a great way to record what goes on inside the vehicle, having a means of knowing the exact whereabouts of the vehicle can be useful as well. With live GPS tracking, stay in the know with the fastest way of retrieving a vehicle's current location.

Our inventory offers a wide variety of GPS live trackers for sale. There are a few things you should know about these units. First of all, the information will be sent immediately to an online server in which you can log into anywhere internet is available. All real-time GPS units have a one-time activation fee as well as a monthly service fee. Some units have prepaid long-term plans that would reduce the monthly service fee. Each real-time unit will differ in battery life, reporting, and service fees, as well as the size of the unit. A GPS tracker’s battery life can range anywhere from a few days up to almost a month. There are a lot of factors that play into how long the battery will last on a live tracker. The two biggest factors in determining the battery life of the unit are how often the device pings its location and the driving time of the vehicle. Service fees for live feed GPS tracker will range with each service provider. The fees typically will range from $30-$60 per month and is contract-free so you can cancel at any time. You also will have to pay an activation fee which typically ranges from $30-$40.

Accessories for Real-Time GPS Trackers

Aside from understanding how the devices work, you should also know that these real-time trackers come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors. They also have a lot of accessories that can be purchased. GPS hardwire kits ensure the battery of the tracker never needs to be recharged. You can also purchase magnetic cases to put the tracker under the vehicle for discrete tracking. Some magnetic cases also come with extended batteries for up to 6 months of battery life. When picking a place to put your spy GPS tracker, you want to keep in mind a few elements related to the matter. For instance, real Time GPS trackers cannot be encased by metal. Metal will block the satellite feed from getting to the unit. The first place people think of putting their GPS tracker is in the trunk of their car. This is not recommended due to the fact that most trunks are full metal. Place the unit inside the car where it has direct access to windows so the satellite can reach the unit. Magnetic cases are a great accessory for the GPS live trackers. When putting the unit inside the case make sure you are facing the front of the unit away from the magnet to avoid interference. The magnetic case can be placed anywhere on the underside of the car that is metal. Avoid putting the case near the engine or exhaust pipes due to excessive heat.

When choosing which unit is right for you, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the products in this inventory. We also offer lifetime technical support for these devices, so you can contact us with any issues after the purchase of your tracker.

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