Home & Car Security

With the crime property rate steadily on the rise, home security is of paramount importance. While staying safe at home is important, your vehicle is also a prime target whether in your driveway or parked at the grocery store. Having a camera or alarm system installed in your home or vehicle will help keep your property safe from theft or vandalism.

With this important need in mind, we are pleased to offer home security products ranging from small alarms that attach to doors or windows to bigger control panel alarms with keypad passwords. The small alarms that can attach to your door are battery operated with a simple on-off switch for easy usage free of charging or plugs. The bigger alarms will also be battery operated and have an operating switch. These devices will have different features than the small door alarms, some may have a keypad you can put a password in or they may have a remote for alarming or disabling the alarm from a distance. All alarms will emit a piercing alarm up to 130 decibels for an impressive impact sure to deter any criminals. We offer systems from the top names on the market as well as all of the associated accessories you will need to properly install the solution.

While protecting your home is important, your car security is also crucial. With our vehicle security products protect your car from theft or for insurance purposes. Our selection of vehicle security products ranges from GPS trackers or in-car cameras to added alarm systems. GPS trackers will help in the event of theft to allow you to log in to see the location of your stolen vehicle. In-car cameras come in a few different styles and offer several thoughtful features to make them worth consideration. You can get a portable battery-operated camera that will record to a memory card for a specific amount of time and you can play the footage back from your computer making this aspect of personal security easier than ever. You can get a camera that is hardwired to a portable DVR that will record off of power and the files would be stored on a memory card in the portable DVR. You can also get a dual-facing camera that draws power from your car through the cigarette lighter port. We have several options for this area of surveillance to meet your exact needs and budget.

Home and vehicle security products are a great way to keep your home and vehicle safe from theft or vandalism. Best of all, all home and vehicle security products are backed by a warranty and technical support. Contact us today for more details!

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