Vehicle Security

If you invest in security for your home or office, but not your vehicle, you are missing out on an important and costly area where thefts commonly occur. With a vehicle security device, you can add an extra level of surveillance for added peace of mind. Vehicle security goes well beyond the alarms already installed in your car. With our selection of creative and reliable products to secure your car when parked or driving, securing this possession has never been easier.

We offer a range of options for adding spy cameras for cars for added surveillance. Since the point of a hidden camera is to be covert while recording, many of these options are disguised as common elements such as chargers, cell phone holders, rear view mirror models, and more. Many of these options can be placed directly on the dash as well for a less covert yet still useful tool for your car or truck. With easy to mount hardware included, these units can be used two ways. They can be placed facing inward which is helpful for identifying a thief stealing your vehicle or just keeping a record of what goes on inside the vehicle. They can also be placed facing outward which is useful for recording any traffic accidents your vehicle is involved in.

Regardless of how you choose to place the unit, the recording capabilities of these options are sure to meet your needs. With features such as infrared capabilities for night time images that are still visible, high resolutions for a clear result, optional audio recording abilities, voice-activated operation, and more, every unit is a high-quality choice. With a focus on being versatile in their performance, many units offer a range of thoughtful elements such as vibration activated operation, extended video storage options of up to 192 hours of recording, selectable resolutions to fit your needs, and other state of the art features. These devices offer high performing technology to address the needs of this area of your life. In addition to the vehicle security cameras, we also offer tracking devices equipped with remote access to let you track the whereabouts of your car in the event it is stolen. Whether looking for a camera or a tracker, we have everything needed for this aspect of personal security.

At U-SPY Store, we are your destination for all things surveillance related. If you have any questions about any of the options we offer, please contact us for further assistance. We would be happy to help!

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