Hidden Cameras

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With these surveillance cameras, get the peace of mind you deserve. We offer an array of hidden cameras for business and home use in a variety of discrete designs. These high-quality and affordable recording devices are covertly inserted into a wide variety of household objects that blend into the environment with ease. Since the whole point of spy cameras is to remain unnoticed, these options mimic common household or office items such as smoke detectors, motion PIR detectors, clocks, radios and Bluetooth earpieces to name a few. These covert cameras are perfect for monitoring your home or office when you are away for an added security measure. There are many different options when it comes to surveillance cameras.

Cameras for Homes and Offices

Stationary spy cameras for home that connect to electrical power or have a long-life battery are excellent choices for improved performance and efficiency. While most battery powered cameras will only last a few hours or less, these models are designed to optimize performance to achieve the best results for your security recording needs. Often referred to as nanny cameras, the actual camera and often the recorder too, are built into objects that easily hide or mask the camera. These security cameras can be set up for motion activated recording to help conserve the storage capacity allowing more actual time coverage and preventing you from viewing and sifting through hours of no activity. This option is a perfect solution for recording nannies, babysitters, caretakers, or simply monitoring your belongings when you are not present.

Portable Cameras

This type of camera is hidden in everyday use items and is completely portable to allow for maximum versatility. Body-worn cameras are the perfect option for when you need a camera you can take along with you. These spy cameras are typically built into smaller body worn objects such as Bluetooth earpieces, watches, glasses, and buttons for shirts or jackets to name a few. Portable hidden cameras are battery operated which typically means that they will last one to four hours before requiring a recharge. These body-worn, portable cameras are a perfect solution for “on the go” covert video recording.

Spy Cameras

We offer a wide range of camera types for both indoor and outdoor varieties, although indoor models are much more common and popular. If night vision is required for dark rooms and closets, there are camera models with built-in infrared lights to record in these low light situations. No matter what type of area you are looking to protect, or the surrounding conditions, our selection of affordable solutions has an option to meet your exact needs. In addition to our hardwired units, we also offer Wi-Fi models. These wireless cameras are easy to use and offer their own unique benefits such as being able to access the feed remotely from your phone when you are away.

You can shop video surveillance for your home or business online with ease or stop into our locations in Chicago or Skokie. A discrete recording device is a great way to ensure the safety of your home, business, or loved ones against theft, violence or vandalism. Don’t wait until it’s too late. Contact us today for more details!

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Please confirm the legality of the use of audio products in your state and jurisdiction. Some uses of audio recording may be illegal. Check with an attorney in your state before using audio recording devices.

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