Audio Surveillance

U-Spy offers the highest quality digital voice activated voice recorders, sound amplifiers, wireless microphones, two way radios and a full line of other audio surveillance equipments or Audio spy equipments for sale. Digital voice recorders are the most popular used audio surveillance tool.

Digital voice recorders are every investigators best friend. Record witness statements, capture conversations (check state and federal laws), take notes and much more. Audio Spy Equipment like Audio recorders come in many varieties, ranging from hidden records like pens or USB flash drives to high quality digital recorders. These battery operated recorders are a great option for Wireless audio surveillance needs.

Please confirm the legality of the use of audio products in your state and jurisdiction. Some uses of audio recording may be illegal. Check with an attorney in your state before using audio recording devices.

What to look for in an Audio Spy Equipment

To play back your files, most of these recorders you simply take the recorder and connect it via USB to any computer and play them back using the computers media player. Some units will come with the capability to play back from the device itself. Most of the recorders will come with internal flash storage, they will store approximately 30 to 45 minutes per gigabyte.

Our professional audio surveillance equipments like audio enhancement devices amplify audio through walls, doors, floors or anywhere where it is needed. Parabolic microphones, wireless transmitters, voice amplifiers, hearing enhancers and much more.

U-Spy Store has audio surveillance equipments for sale that are easy budget friendly devices which are perfect for your home or business surveillance needs. Always be sure to check your states laws and regulations regarding audio recording.

Our audio recorders are backed by warranty and tech support

If you are unsure of what type of recorder you may need, stop into either of our two retail locations and we will be happy to demonstrate the different types of audio recorders that are offered. When you purchase an audio recorder or audio surveillance device from U-Spy Store they are backed by our 90 day warranty and lifelong technical support.

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