Warehouse Security

When you run a warehouse, there are many different pieces in motion at all times to ensure that the warehouse and production levels run efficiently without a slow in productivity. Which means a lot of employees going in and out and all over the warehouse. From delivery drivers bringing new parts, to individuals having specific access credentials depending on the area, there are lots of potential security blind spots. Our warehouse security equipment helps to ensure that your area is secure at all times, and all employees are identified and where they are supposed to be.

Our business level and warehouse security equipment has a variety of uses. Our WiFi doorbell intercom is a great way to speak to a delivery driver and ensure that it is the proper delivery before granting access to the premises. It comes equipped with a microphone, camera, light, motion sensor, and doorbell button, to ensure that without leaving your desk, you can easily see what is being delivered and by who. No need to wander away from the task you are currently attending to, instead get your questions answered and keep the productivity flowing without missing a beat. For those more secure areas, our proximity read-only cards are just what your business needs. Ensure that your employees are secure and in areas they need to be in by purchasing our cards that are universally compatible with Rosslare or other proximity readers. Each card contains an RFID circuit and embedded antenna. Each of our warehouse security products is perfect for a variety of locations, whether you need a video doorbell camera outside the delivery door or you need proximity cards for new employees.

Here at U-SPY Store, we are pleased to offer our customers only the best in security and surveillance products. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact a customer service representative who will be happy to help.

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