8G Digital Voice Activated Necklace Pendant Recorder

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Product Overview

8G Digital Voice Activated Recorder - Mini Voice Recorder, up to 94 Hours Capacity, 40 Hours Battery Life When Fully Charged.

Unique Design and recording while charging. You can choose continuous recording to keep plug it in a power bank device and the device can save for 94 hours voice recording.

Voice Activated Recording: It will automatically start recording when sound is detected, and you can record in a way to avoid long hours of silent recordings.

40 hours battery life when fully charged. Recharging time: 2 hours by computer USB 2.0 port. Please charge it before using.

Having only 1 button, this voice recorder can be used by less experienced users. Just push it down to the USB port side, you will see a red led on and then blue led blink 5 times and off, it is recording now. push it to another side, you have switch off the device. there is no visible led/light during recording.

Playback: The recorder is both PC and Mac USB 2.0 Compatible, please turn off the recorder before connecting to the computer USB 2.0. Otherwise, you cannot connect it successfully.

  1. Item comes without earphone, for play, you need to connect the device to your computer USB 2.0 port. If your computer has no USB 2.0 port, please don't buy.
  2. Please charge it before using. For charging, it is recommended to use computer USB 2.0 port or a wall charger with 5V 500MA or lower power. Otherwise, the battery is easy to get broken.
  3. Technical specs: Compact & Portable: 0.45 ounces Size: 1.26*2.36*0.73-inch Voice Activated Recordings Long Battery Life: 3.7V 160mAh rechargeable battery –
  4. REAL 40 hours Audio Format: 192 Kbps .WAV 8GB Built-in Memory: Up to 94 hours Works on Windows & Mac USB 2.0
  5. Package Includes: 1* 8GB voice recorder 1* lanyard 1* USB Cable 1* User’s manual Time setting: Please connect the recorder to the PC and create a "txt" file UNDER THE FOLDER " RECORD ", then save it. The format and the content of the file should include the date and time. please make sure the "year" must be four digits and the others be two digits. Such as 20170101103030 (it means Jan.1st 2017 at 10:30'30'‘)
  6. It is just a voice recorder, cannot take a video. It is a recorder which will need the voice to activate, it may not be able to record the voice if sound is too low. Recording format: WAV. It is better to use VLC Player for playing the files. It hasn't MP3 player function, if you want the MP3 player function, please buy another kind of necklace voice recorder.




(No reviews yet) Write a Review