Computer Surveillance

The world has gone digital. With our selection of computer surveillance products, find everything you need to monitor a PC or Mac computer. Install software or hardware to view keywords, websites visited, chats, or emails covertly with products that are undetectable and easy to install. Whether looking to protect your information or remove information altogether from your hard drive, these computer surveillance devices are exactly what you need.

We offer several options for this area of security. These devices can be used by an individual looking to stay secure, as well as law enforcement officials with proper warrants to uncover criminal online behavior. Regardless of whether you are a concerned parent looking to keep tabs on your child’s online activities or an investigator trying to uncover key evidence, these options for computer surveillance are sure to come in handy. What sets these items apart from others on the market is that they require hardly any special skills or advanced training. They are software programs loaded into the USB itself so it is easy and discreet to run a scan on your computer.

One of the most popular options we offer in computer surveillance devices are the shredder programs. With this tool, you can completely remove files and information from your computer with a few clicks. This is ideal for when you are getting rid of a laptop and you want to ensure your personal information isn’t accessed against your will. On the other end of the spectrum, we also offer high performing recovery tools. In case you accidentally delete a crucial file or document, these devices will help you restore the information. This tool uses high tech software commonly utilized in many police departments to recover criminal behavior, but it is also handy for the average person looking to retrieve an important document.

When it comes to monitoring computers for unfavorable behavior, we also have devices for this purpose. From chat sticks that let you scan a computer to see a log of all chats across multiple platforms to USB sticks which allow you to scan for pornographic content, we have an option to meet our needs. These sticks are great at uncovering deleted information as well so it may be possible to find information, such as messages or images, which are deleted yet still retrievable for surveillance and investigative purposes.

No matter which type of software is right for your personal or professional needs, rest assured these are high performing solutions. Best of all, they are easy to use!

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