K-MIC-OTG – Long Life Covert Audio Recorder with Scheduled Recording Functionality, 4,600 Hours of Storage, & 250 Days Standby Battery

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Product Overview

  • 4,600 Hours storage – 64GB (at 32Kbps)
  • 550 Hours Continuous Recording
  • 250 Days Standby Battery
  • Voice Activated, Scheduled & Continuous Modes
  • Magnetic Housing
  • Completely Covert – Fully Functional Powerbank
  • Onboard Playback + OTG Playback
  • 40 Feet Audio Capture
  • Time & Date File Stamping

Professional Grade Digital Audio Recorder with Extra Long Battery Life & Customizable Settings

The K-MIC-OTG professional voice activated audio recorder was designed to fit almost any circumstance.

Includes headphones so you can listen to audio recordings anywhere.

Fully functions as an MP3 player and Powerbank.

You can also playback recordings on phones, tablets, or computers.

Includes an OTG adapter for phones and tablets.

One Button Operation

Turn on the voice recorder with one easy switch. Charge the internal battery with the included USB cable. Charge other devices by plugging them into the recorder. LED indicator shows when recordings start and stop. The powerful magnet allows you to attach the recorder to metal surfaces.

Includes Headphones for onboard playback.

Use the headphones to listen to voice recordings or your own MP3s. You can also use the headphones to switch between voice activated (VOX) or continuous recording modes. The headphones have volume control, play/pause controls, and file deleting or skipping capabilities.

Small Form Factor and Extra Long Battery Life

Because the K-MIC-OTG is a functional power bank, the rechargeable battery is used to keep the recorder in standby mode for an incredible 250 days.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review